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Protection - Life Cover

Pays out a lump sum if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness or die during the term of the cover. This can help provide financial security for your family, or help them pay off a mortgage or other debts. There are different levels of cover available depending on your needs.

- Level Term: Providing a specific lump sum in the event of death during a specific term;

- Decreasing Term: Providing sufficient capital to repay a capital repayment mortgage in the event of death, during a specific term;

- Family Income Benefit: Provides a regular income from the date of death until the plan ceases -normally when your children have grown up or have reached a certain age which you decide at the outset.

- Whole of Life: A policy that continues for the whole of your life and pays a lump sum on death irrespective of when that occurs.
Some of  the above can be put in Trust, to minimise Inheritance Tax on your estate.

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